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Books Don't Teach You to Swim. Swimming Does!

Books give you Knowledge. ABHYAAS Prepares For Exams.

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Every year, approximately 14,00,000 students appear for NEET exam, and another 14,00,000 students take JEE Mains. Equal aspirants are queued up next year. Thus, some 60,00,000 odd students are working hard for two years to compete for less than 1,50,000 seats per year in professional courses across the country.

Every student reads the same books. Every one is working equally hard. The difference comes in Practice – Abhyaas!

As JEE is already an online exam, and NEET is in the process of becoming online, exposure to online tests becomes mandatory. Some test series are available, but for a price.

Understanding that study alone cannot bring success to student, practice of solving the questions, and tons of them, on a daily basis presents as the key to success.

“Abhyaas” is an online open-end portal to offer such question solving practice to each Indian student – free of cost. Any student aspiring for medical or engineering course can register for free, and solve as many question papers, any number of times, at his free will, and get an instant evaluation.

Any teacher, who wants to contribute to the cause, can apply to register with us. Thus the teacher will be designated as a Moderator, who can create his own question papers for own students as well as for others. He can create a question paper by using existing question bank, or can add his own questions.

We wish that this mission should reach to the remotest corner of our country, and all parents and teachers promote their kids to start Abhyaas on a daily basis.

Let us work together to offer a fair chance of competition to all students, rural and urban.


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We wish that this mission should reach to the remotest corner of our country. and all parents and teachers promote their kids to start Abhyaas on a daily basis.


Indian Medical Faculty

After completion of Medical graduation or post graduation, Indian doctors choose either to enter into clinical practice to impart healthcare services


Visiting card, the least glamorous form of identity representation, is only contact information.and It is hard to maintain ,can be lost easily.To update a slightly little information on a visiting card, the whole lot needs to be reprinted.


INDIAN SCHOOL OF PROSPERITY is an organisation created for the life scale trainings and counselling. It comprises of a group of professional trainers across the country.


Ergolife- It's a corporate training program on preventive health and occupational safety; under Lifestyle Consultancy division of Ergocure.

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